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Address: 7 Dursley Rd, Yennora – Warehouse 1

Type: Industrial warehouse

Builder: Prime Constructions

Built: 2018


Tilt-Up & Lateral Thinking Consulting’s unique design for FIFE’s 11,950 m² industrial warehouse saved the project a significant amount of money on panel reinforcements by simplifying the construction. Our approach made this project quicker and easier to build and eliminated any need for strong-backs despite big openings in the panels.

185 – 189 McCredie Rd, Smithfield

Address: 185 – 189 McCredie Rd, Smithfield

Type: 6 x 120sqm factory units

Builder: Prime Projects


We developed a system to eliminate the likelihood of errors and need for many of the strong-backs. This saved a lot of time and money for the tilt-up subcontractors and enabled easier installations.


Address: 12 John Hines Ave, Minchinbury

Type: Warehouse

Builder: Prime Projects

Built: 2019


This successful project had panels up to 14m high. It delivered on time and within budget despite a number of challenges with propping. These challenges were efficiently resolved by applying practical thinking and having good communication between Prime and Tilt-Up & Lateral Thinking Consulting.



Address: 40 Holbeche Rd, Arndell Park

Type: Purpose built manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facility

Builder: Vaughn Constructions

Built: 1997


This 20,000sqm design and construct project was successfully built in collaboration with Vaughn Constructions.

We were able to significantly expediate the structural steel erection by providing relevant and timely advice to the steel fabricators and by providing quick and practical responses to construction issues.


Business Precinct, PRESTONS

Address: 16 Bernera Rd, Prestons

Type: Warehouse, factory and industrial

Builder: Alliance design development

Built: 2017


This site was bought with DA approval for 10,500sqm of commercial units. Unfortunately, the owner was only provided with small-scale hard copy versions of the design documents.

Tilt-Up & Lateral Thinking Consulting redrew the architectural drawings increasing the marketability and profitability of the complex. This was achieved by increasing the floor area by more than 10%; and making the units easier to build by providing clear, detailed documentation with adjusted roof falls which enabled the builder to erect up to 47 concrete tilt-up panels per day.

Designs were also updated to account for common buildability issues and to be compliant with current BCA standards. To assist further with the commercial success of this project, we also helped the builder allocate parking spaces, to avoid arguments between purchasers.

Business Precinct, Chipping Norton

Address: 85 – 115 Alfred Rd, Chipping Norton

Type: Warehouse, factory and industrial

Builder: Alliance design development


Built: 2014


Tilt-Up & Lateral Thinking Consulting provided detailed architectural and structural drawings for the Chipping Norton Business Precinct. This large commercial precinct is now home to a number of diverse tenants. Our design considered the needs of all potential occupants and was focused on ensuring spaces were practical, easy to build and commercially sensitive. For example, we located amenities close to drainage to reduce labour, piping and installation cost for the builder and ensure better functioning for the tenants. Entry points into and within the business precinct were also rationalised. By combining our engineering and architectural expertise, we were able to provide drawings quickly and provide immediate savings to sub-contractors and the project overall as a result of our simple, construction friendly approach.

VIRBAC (australia) - office and warehouse, Milperra

Address: 361 Horsley Rd, Milperra

Type: Refurbishment and remodel of office and warehouse

Builder: Alliance Design Development

Built: 2014


Tilt-Up & Lateral Thinking Consulting successfully delivered architectural and structural designs for the $3 million refurbishment and remodel of Virbac’s commercial office in Milperra. Due to our extensive experience in architectural and engineering concerns, we were able to fix a number of existing building problems, upgrade fire services whilst also providing a modernised look and feel that aligned to the company’s corporate branding. Furthermore, through our rationalisation of the design, we were able to increase the extent of the offices, significantly increasing the commercial value of the property.

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